Learn Quickbooks

When you first start a business, managing your books is something you’ll ‘figure out as you go’. After all, it all comes down to cash in – cash out, right? And then reality hits… Bookkeeping can get complicated quickly. And the more you get behind, the more daunting it becomes to get caught up and get it right.

Staying on top of your invoices, expenses, bank reconciliations, financial statements and more is incredibly important to your company’s health.

If you’re small enough to do your own books, then it is important to make sure you understand where what gets posted how and when. I can help! Before you get too far behind, join my Quickbooks instruction classes, either in person (your office or mine) or schedule an online consultation, and I will walk you through setting up your General Ledger, Posting Invoices and Bills, Bank Reconciliations and much more. Everything at your speed when you have time.

If bookkeeping is getting too much for you and you need a little bit more help, I will show you how to do the day-to-day transactions and step in and help you with your monthly reconciliations and reporting.

Contact your Quickbooks Certified Professional today! For Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online.

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